Tuesday, September 6, 2016

You use Coinbase or Coinpayment to electronic money transactions (BTC, eth ...)?

When you possess valuable electronic currency Bitcoin then make sure you also owns a storage and currency trading this familiar. Most choose storage BTC habitual use security or good or perhaps because someone introduced. Except blockchain the Coinpayment Coinbase and can be seen as 2 where a lot of users.

Coinbase birth 20/06/2012 originating from California, USA by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam founder, has about 3 million users. Besides copper, the traditional BTC recently they have added support ETH Council, so when you only use Coinbase management and exchange of two currencies currently hottest BTC and ETH.
I like to use simple Coinbase for ease of use while the security and transaction tracking is also very good. Often when you get the money, the system immediately without first confirm any transaction.
Coinpayments.net appear around 08/2013 and Canadian origin. Coinpayments.net support storage and exchange of more than 45 electronic currency, of course, which is the main co-BTC. Coinpayments security also 2 class and has links with both for PayPal so you can pay the BTC and Coinpayments will deduct directly in your Paypal account.
However drawbacks when used Coinpayments transaction is not immediate, but can be up to 3 hours. The majority of these sites are used Coinpayments revshare perhaps because it links directly from the site link to for Coinpayments revshare like Paypal, Payza, PM or Payeer. Monday is it Mass Withdrawal function enables simultaneous sending to multiple addresses BTC.
Such individuals also prefer to use Coinbase site owners prefer Coinpayments investment.
The registration Coinpayments quite simple you just need to register and Coinpayments follow these steps:
1) Link Registration: Coinpayments
2) Fill in the username, password, e-mail and territories
Each time you log-in username and password will be required, and 1 e-mail will be sent to your login code like the PM to you to fill in. To know your address in Coinpayments BTC, in Your Wallets, select options contract BTC BTC and to the right. Click on Deposit / Receive BTC you will see the address, if you want to add just click on the Address tab Add new deposit.
Like when you are in Coinbase or BTC, the recharge blockchain Coinpayments simply send BTC to address it done and vice versa. Hope this helps you get for the investment CoinPayments to revshares sites.
A Coinpayments Trans in the following form: